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imma big boy nao

furizzle, Latvia

Well. I've finally managed to get Hetalia 28 and 29 watched.

Notes on 28: I'm a little confused about the animators' choice of Finland's iris color, but I'll eventually get over it.

And on 29: I've never been Russia's biggest fan, but I must admit that he is a cute yandere. And Latvia's line just cracked me up: "I hate this life! Let's go rely on Germany!" Well, it worked for Italy. What boggled my brain is that Lithuania pronounced Germany too scary. When he lives with an enormous psychopath that beats him. Oh well. The trembling trio had lovely eyes, too (even if the weren't exactly the colors Hidekaz assigned). And ah, the banana-ice cream incident. Oh America. Only you. (Notice how England is decent enough to not only offer ice cream, but cart our hero to the hospital as well. What a star.)


And I've been thinking: remember how Koreo thoroughly insisted that Hetalia should not be animated because of Korea's characterization? I hope they won't be pissy or anything if the animators don't add Korea at all.
"Why hasn't Korea been written into the anime yet?"  
"Well, when you betched about it earlier, we promised not to put Korea in the anime."  
"How rude! We invented animation!"

Or something... not to be offensive or anything, but...


Russia is too cute. ♥
I love his silly big face on the newspaper.☆
XD I concur~

7zip instructions


Sorry to comment in your journal. I tried messaging you but your privacy options are set so that my message wasn't accepted. I'll try to help with 7zip but I'm not sure at what you ran into trouble, so please forgive me if I'm saying stuff you've already done.

1. Download either the .exe (for PC) or .msi (for Mac) file from the 7zip site.
2. Double-click the file you've download to run the program installer.
3. After the program has installed, you should have a "7zip" option in your context menu. So if you right-click the file that you want to extract, you should see "7zip." There will be different extraction options, like with WinRAR. You probably want to choose "Extract to [file name]."

Does that help? If not, could you let me know what seems to be going wrong?

Re: 7zip instructions

That is incredibly, incredibly helpful. Thank you so much!

Re: 7zip instructions

You're very welcome!
teh happeh boxeh

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